About Us

Since 1958, Canmoda Mensucat Yarn and Textile Industry Trade. Ltd. Sti. and Canmoda Textile brand, we serve professionally production and fashion life. With a wide range of products, we carry out customer-oriented production by thinking separately for each of our customers and making different designs.

Who we are?

Wide range of products and Quality Production

We realize our productions by aiming at unconditional customer satisfaction with our design and high technical knowledge. In accordance with the rapidly changing fashion and human needs today, we are a team with a mission and vision that supports our work with our R&D, P&D and new collections, not following the fashion, but always producing the new and directing the fashion.


Our Vision

As a business, we first realize a transparent production by using all communication channels with our employees, suppliers and customers. In our customer-oriented productions, our priority is to produce in basic and artdesign qualities as well as company and project-based works. First of all, we perform production that respects people, the environment and ethical rules, and values labor highly. We adopt Social Responsibility Policies and commit to not employing child labor.